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Briggs Ch. 5 – ‘Going Mobile’

Mobile journalism was the main subject of this chapter. News organizations are tapping into mobile journalism to compliment their news, especially during a breaking news story. A couple questions to keep in mind include: Will the audience benefit if we can take them there? Will the journalism be better if it’s done on location and […]

Briggs Ch. 4 – ‘Microblogging: write small, think big’

Many journalists embraced microblogging sites, like Twitter, because it’s easy exposure, quick and provides a way to get feedback from readers or other journalists. Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging sites at the moment. In the past, people had to wait for journalists to report on events but now they can just microblog it. Microblogging […]

Briggs Ch. 3 – ‘Crowd-Powered Collaboration’

This chapter showed the power of the people…in journalism. Terms: Crowdsourcing/distributed reporting – demonstrates committed power of the community for a project Open-source reporting – using transparency in reporting Pro-am journalism – journalists are no longer the gatekeepers and let the audience publish on the same platform as themselves. Beatblogging – build a social network around […]

Briggs Ch. 2 – ‘Advanced Blogging’

This chapter was all about blogs. Most of it is stuff I’ve heard before, that blogging has changed journalism and so on. Like writing, in blogging, you have to read in order to learn how to write. There is a list of the top 100 blogs at Technorati.com. Blogger.com and WordPress.com are two of the […]

Briggs Ch. 1 – ‘We Are All Web Workers Now’

This chapter was very helpful in explaining a lot of the technical terms you hear but don’t always know what they mean. Have you ever heard of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes? These prefixes, similar to other units of measure, talk about bytes in large quantities. Why would we need such large quantities of bytes? Take […]