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Teaching Online Journalism: ‘Is your story actually a story?’

Finding the story is the reminder this post intends for its readers. “I think that in the process of teaching them reporting, we may kill their instinct for finding and telling real stories,” McAdams said on her post. I agree with her statement. I know some journalism students are just too worried about getting all […]

Comm 361’s new students: Dan Rather and Tucker Carlson

Dan Rather, a former CBS Evening news anchor and current host of Dan Rather Reports, was in a C-SPAN video conference with students from George Mason University, University of Denver, Purdue University and Georgetown University on February 24, 2011. Rather commented on his 50-plus-years in journalism, a career that includes coverage on pivotal American news […]

Zombie Journalism’s: ‘Transcript: What does a social media editor do?’

This post included a transcript of an online interview Jenkins did. My takeaway: It is possible to over-tweet Tweeting for an organization is much different than tweeting for yourself. It is important to respond to your retweets or audience’s comments News elements of social media will be around past the fads like Twitter For organizations, […]

Virtual Journalism.net’s ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Best Practices’

Getting your blog to show up on search engines was the subject of this post. My takeaway: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — refers to the practice of refining your Web site content so that it has better visibility in search engines, such as Google. Changing On-Page Elements such as Page Title, URL and “Invisible” Page […]

Mindy McAdams’ Teaching Online Journalism: Web literacy: Should be required

Web hosting and domain names was the focus of McAdams’ post. She starts off with an anecdote in which someone calls her up and didn’t know the difference between Web hosting and domain names. Apparently this had happened more than once. She put a link on her blog to help others understand the difference. My […]