Briggs Ch. 9 – ‘Data-driven journalism and digitizing your life’

Organizing your digital life was the focus of this chapter. There are many free or trial programs that can help you organize your digital self. Since these programs are online, they are easily edited and can be accessible to others. Some examples: Backpack Zoho MS Office Suite (Outlook, etc) Dropbox Basecamp Databases are helpful in […]

Briggs Ch. 10 – ‘Managing news as a Conversation’

Interactive discussion and online news was the focus of this chapter. Responding to comments can help journalists seem transparent but many journalists are reluctant to do so because some comments are personal attacks. One journalist — Doug Feaver, former editor at, has created a blog, dot.comments, on the Washington Post’s website that responds to […]

Briggs Ch. 1 – ‘We Are All Web Workers Now’

This chapter was very helpful in explaining a lot of the technical terms you hear but don’t always know what they mean. Have you ever heard of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes? These prefixes, similar to other units of measure, talk about bytes in large quantities. Why would we need such large quantities of bytes? Take […]