Mark Stencel

Mark Stencel came to speak to my class: Doesn’t use the term new media because he’s been working with it for 16 years Gave us an intro on NPR. Showed us his blog NPR’s national audience on the radio is growing when may other outlets are losing theirs. They’re doing a lot of experimenting with […]

Zombie Journalism: ‘Interacting with the audience as a news brand’

Using social media to talk to an audience is what this blog post was all about. Mandy Jenkins had some interesting tips. Here are my thoughts on them: Responding — I know you’re always supposed to respond. I hadn’t really thought about direct messaging someone other than getting their contact information. Although this is kind […]

Zombie Journalism’s: ‘Transcript: What does a social media editor do?’

This post included a transcript of an online interview Jenkins did. My takeaway: It is possible to over-tweet Tweeting for an organization is much different than tweeting for yourself. It is important to respond to your retweets or audience’s comments News elements of social media will be around past the fads like Twitter For organizations, […]