Briggs Ch. 5 – ‘Going Mobile’

Mobile journalism was the main subject of this chapter.


Smartphones have become a helpful tool for many journalists.

  • News organizations are tapping into mobile journalism to compliment their news, especially during a breaking news story.
  • A couple questions to keep in mind include:
  1. Will the audience benefit if we can take them there?
  2. Will the journalism be better if it’s done on location and with urgency?
  3. Can this event be effectively communicated in small chunks over time?
  4. Will sound reporting or video footage, turned around quickly, help people understand the story?
  • Criminal and civil trials, breaking news of all types, public gathering, sporting events and grand openings are great places to use mobile journalism.
  • There are two types of mobile reporters: gearheads and light packers.
  • Gearheads use all the equipment available such as a laptop, tripod, audio recorder, etc. when they’re in the field (which is nearly 24/7).
  • Light packers aren’t in the field as often and only need their smartphone with a camera, keypad and mobile internet.
  • Mobile journalism publishing options include:
  1. Twitter
  2. FriendFeed
  3. Blogs and services like CoveritLive
  4. Qik, Kyte and Flixwagon (all mobile video services)
  5.  Your audiences’ publishing capabilities

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