Briggs Ch. 2 – ‘Advanced Blogging’

This chapter was all about blogs. Most of it is stuff I’ve heard before, that blogging has changed journalism and so on. Like writing, in blogging, you have to read in order to learn how to write. There is a list of the top 100 blogs at and are two of the […]

Briggs Ch. 1 – ‘We Are All Web Workers Now’

This chapter was very helpful in explaining a lot of the technical terms you hear but don’t always know what they mean. Have you ever heard of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes? These prefixes, similar to other units of measure, talk about bytes in large quantities. Why would we need such large quantities of bytes? Take […]

Response to Achenbach Article

Response to Achenbach article

Media Pyramid

In both my online journalism class and my introduction to journalism class, I had to make up a media pyramid to show where I get my news from. Twitter feeds are the main way I get my news. 🙂 I usually use Friend Stream to check them. I am guilty of checking my smartphone constantly […]