Briggs Ch. 10 – ‘Managing news as a Conversation’

Interactive discussion and online news was the focus of this chapter. Responding to comments can help journalists seem transparent but many journalists are reluctant to do so because some comments are personal attacks. One journalist — Doug Feaver, former editor at, has created a blog, dot.comments, on the Washington Post’s website that responds to […]

Briggs Ch. 7 – ‘Making Audio Journalism Visible’

Audio can compliment an article and make it more compelling. It can create presence, emotions and atmosphere that words or pictures cannot express. Journalists can use radio to do the following: Reporter overview Podcasts Audio slide shows Breaking news Radio stories have the following elements: Interviews and voice-overs Natural or environmental sound Imported sound clips, […]

Briggs Ch. 6 – ‘Visual Storytelling with Photographs’

Photography has become much easier, with all the technology around. But, since everyone can pull out their phone or digital camera and snap a couple pictures, the quality of those photographs have gone down. All journalists need to know how to work a camera and how to choose a  picture that will show more than […]